Teaching English

I am a native English, TEFL-certified and experienced English tutor. I possess the ability to motivate, direct and encourage students by displaying a positive and non-judgemental attitude towards different learning approaches. I have been successful as a teacher as I never give up on anyone. As a compliment I receive very positive feedback, maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

Feel free to book a lesson with me. Add me on Skype (jpt.poletek@gmail.com) or WeChat (JM_Poletek or +44 7807657962). I’m friendly and open-minded so no need to be shy!


• Native English speaker

• Excellent communication skills

• Experience in teaching teenagers and adults

• Able to adapt material to the students’ needs

• Knowledge of various teaching methods

• Able to teach using e-platforms

• Good organisational skills

• Team player

• Patient and friendly approach


Online English Teacher

New Oriental Education & Technology Group

Sep 2017 – Present As the largest provider of private educational services in China, New Oriental offers education for a lifetime, teaching skills that give students a crucial competitive advantage in the workplace and help improve their quality of life. Since its founding in 1993 by Michael Yu, New Oriental has had over 28.7 million student enrolments, including over 3.6 million enrolments in the fiscal year 2016.

• Prepare and plan discussion topics and questions, predicting possible outcomes and problems
• Ask relevant questions and produce engagement
• Explain concrete and abstract ideas and processes to foreign students
• Conduct research to design lesson content and organise ideas
• Formulate long-term goals and objectives by preparing students for Gaokao (National College Entrance Examination) and IELTS tests
• Guide and encourage students to think independently, engaging them in conversations, roleplays and mock interviews
• Elicit responses and hold students’ attention
• Improve lesson plans, prepare assignments, exercises and quizzes
• Build a relationship with students
• Make lessons fun and interesting in a stress-free environment

English Language Tutor/Coordinator

Migrant English Project

Feb 2011 – Sept 2014


• Conducted English classes with migrants and young students of diverse ethnic groups (levels A2-C1)
• Taught conversational English in small groups and individually
• Tutored using flash cards, newspaper and magazine articles as well as course books
• Allowed students plenty of talk time and interaction
• Assessed students’ level of English based on available tests
• Assigned students to teachers according to policies and procedures
• Coordinated teaching sessions on a weekly basis

English Language Teaching course based on TESOL

University of Sussex

Sept 2012 – Feb 2014

• Conducted lesson with foreign students at levels B1 & B2
• Taught grammar, functions and lexis
• Facilitated English language acquisition through listening, speaking, reading and writing
• Checked meaning using CCQs, mind maps, ‘true or false’ worksheets or gap fill exercises
• Taught English utilising a PPP and task-based approach
• Anticipated problems with pronunciation, spelling, stress, L1 interference, comprehension and usage of English
• Prepared authentic materials and designed own lesson plans using newspaper articles, mind maps, pictures, slides, mp3 files, realia, etc.
• Corrected mistakes when necessary; encouraged self-correction and peer-correction
• Completed teaching reports, self-assessments, essays and other written tasks related to English language teaching